Our services


Transformer testing (Pre erection, Pre commissioning, Diagnostic testing)

 We offer a series of electrical tests for pre erection, pre commissioning and diagnostic testing of power and distribution transformers for health assessment and acceptance at site or at factory . Pre erection and Pre Commissioning tests includes Tan delta and capacitance test, SFRA, Winding resistance test, Turns ratio test, insulation resistance test, magnetizing current test, magnetic balance test, vector group verification, short circuit impedance test, Bushing CT ratio, CT Knee point, CT insulation resistance test, etc.


Substation apparatus testing


We offer electrical testing for Switchyard apparatus like Circuit breaker testing, Lighting Arrester testing, CT testing, PT testing, Relay testing, Transformer testing, Isolator testing, Battery set testing, etc.


Cable testing

Cambay Power Services is providing range of cable testing including DC hipot, Power Frequency Hipot, VLF hipot, VLF tan delta, etc. We are also providing cable fault location service for LV cables.